2 February 1995


A review of: "The Homopolar Handbook", by Thomas Valone,

self published, Integrity Institute, 1377 K Street NW, suite 204, Washington D.C. 20005; 1994


by Bruce DePalma




Recently a copy of Valone's Homopolar Handbook was sent to me for review. Because Valone's book represents so well what is wrong with America and why America has become a third rate scientific power, it is worthy of comment.

Comments about a first rate, world class, scientific invention often reveal much more about the critics than they do about the invention. In the argot of contemporary language Thomas Valone could be summed up as a science groupie wherein the admonition, "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" finds realization. We are ingratiated into his presence by his easy familiarity with Bruce, Adam, Tim, and George. His presence in the formative days of the free energy revolution is chronicled.

With the insight and perspicacity of an experienced name dropper, junior college instructor, and scientific dilettante he presents a carefully selected panoply of 19th and early 20th century scientific writings concerning unipolar induction. Although he does admit there are ambiguous and unexplained phenomena of electricity production and torque reaction in the homopolar machine, "his" experiments suggest the efficiency of energy generation in the N-machine/S.P.G. can never exceed 100%.

Without understanding and familiarity with unipolar induction many of his readers would be impressed with his and his professors ignorance of the basic phenomena of electromagnetism. But the greatest error of all is his presumption that if he cannot reproduce the experiments of DePalma, Trombly and Tewari then the experiments are at fault. With this he joins the ranks of those who "proved" man cannot exceed 15 m.p.h., heavier than air machines cannot fly, electricity cannot be transmitted down wires, and free energy is impossible.

The costing programs of Trombly and Mitchell are carefully recorded connoting Valone's true fascination with money. The monstrous contraption of Parker Kinetic Designs, a child of the greed induced collaboration of Richard Marshall and William Weldon, presided over by Herb Woodson, formerly of the D.C. White-Woodson "Energy Laboratory" of M.I.T., appears on the cover of his tract.

Because the phenomena of unipolar induction are so fundamental to electrical science and the benefits of a change in the paradigm of electrical power generation are so incredible, one can view the reaction to the N-machine/S.P.G. and its technology as an indictment of America and American science rather than as an affront to the workers who are bringing this technology into existence.

Valone derives his supercilious kicks from deriding Adam Trombly, who, because he has been gagged by the DoD and had his experimental setup confiscated, cannot defend himself.

The management of America, the lawyers and politicians, have finally resorted to confiscation of patents in the name of national security. You will note the "Fara-Drum" is part of a weapons system to propel projectiles at velocities greater than achievable with chemically powered cannons. No thought is given to energy applications of a life supporting nature designed to reduce the cost of electricity for the general public.

No first rate, world class scientist would have anything to do with a system of secrecy and intimidation funded at the trough of U.S. government supported "scientific" research. The Fara-Drum will go the way of the Super-Collider while the mountain of public debt grows ever higher.

If I felt that the introduction of a new form of energy extraction into the world were simply a matter of convincing or the winning of scientific arguments then I might be inclined to refute point by point. Suffice it to say that Valone omits in his report two seminal papers: The Kincheloe Report, "Homopolar 'Free Energy' Generator Test", presented at the 1986 meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, San Francisco; and DePalma's: "On the Possibility of Extraction of Electrical Energy Directly from Space", Speculations in Science and Technology, Vol. 13, No. 4, page 283, 1990. Professor Kincheloe's report is possibly the most carefully analyzed report on an N-machine presently in general circulation. It concludes N-machine drag is 13% - 20% of what would be measured on a conventional induction generator delivering the same amount of power.

The rationale of Valone and his ilk is that they are providing a service to humanity by ferreting out the "truth". What results is the duplicitous serving of a crypto-technical state whose intentions are a new world order where the ends justify the means. The debt ridden state of America trembles at the thought of technical innovation in energy generation. Eighty to ninety percent of the cost of energy is required to service the debt of the utilities incurred in the era of atomic energy and to maintain the salaries of the executives and meter readers, not to speak of the maintenance of long distance power lines. A more local energy system based on direct extraction of energy from space, without burning or consumption of fuel would delight the populace. Capital would desert the present monstrous complex of environmentally destructive atomic and coal fired boilers and turbines. The Fara-Drum monstrosity speaks to the arid world of a technically controlled society ruled by the gun of conservation, read corruption.

In a world which has passed beyond the gentlemanly dialogues and colloquia of the 19th and early 20th century is it not clear to be seen in the rising waters, earthquakes, fires, and plagues upon mankind, God's answer to the acolytes and servitors of greed and ego.

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