27 July 1997
Physics without DePalma

Science without philosophy is as empty as philosophy without science.

The best instrument for the exploration of this question is the human mind.

When we are born into this world we come with nothing including no a-priori knowledge. What we can know of this world is built up from the experience of experiments. Seducing is easy, making love to your friends is hard. Up close and personal.

Philosophy comes in at this point. Logic, cause and effect.

If we enter this world (collectively) knowing nothing, can we ever know anything?

The way out of this dilemma is to know we are creating it all for ourselves and this brings us back to the human mind.

We know nothing because we can know nothing. Life consists to us of experience, filtered through our prejudices, -- what we *can* know of experience.

The distillation of experiences is the experiment.

The formulas and recipes for successful experiments can be recorded and passed down through the ages. These are the spells and invocations of earlier times.

In the successful formula or experiment or recipe the cake which is baked is the desired result of the desirer, the experimentor, the baker, the cook who bakes the desired cake, the formulator of the experiment.

So there we have another principle at work. You get what you want, the power of prayer, the meditation which gives the answer. The transformative power of free energy that converts the wish of the desirer into the desired result.

All this is a theory, a wish made up in the human mind to satisfy a need for identity. What or who we are does not matter, our place in the game expires with terminal guilt.

You have to have something to start something, something secondary to reality but not part of the lie. Your awareness of self precedes eternity and its perception. So the theory is that we exist and feel pain as the primary perception.

And beyond that we have time to exist in, and feel our pain.

In earlier papers I have described a model of the Universe which, through the time-energy of its creation, exists in a state of aliveness. There is something paradoxical about the state of existence. We exist, we are born alive, but in the nature of our creation we are single and alone and search for completion or peace.

Other versions of ourselves are present, we speak to ourselves through images, mirrors, reflections. Co-operative man, the hive brain, from whence it comes and where it goes no one knows.

Yes we know there is energy within existence, without energy there is no existence.

Time is happening all the time. It is the energy which drives events. The clocks we use do not measure time, it is time energy which causes phenomena to happen at certain rates.

Look at all the things we do to arrive at the above. We have to exist, we have to observe, we have to invent and make clocks. We have to abstract the nature of time from the measurements of clocks.

Time for something to exist in as opposed to how fast its happening.

Do we know anything more? Do we know anything at all. We have found something by observation. Through deduction we have abstracted and generalized. We formulate a notion, a conception, a model. Is any of this true or real? Of course not. It's all in our mind, which returns ourselves to the primal state of knowing nothing.

The mind of man is trapped in its own reality. The puzzle is always over, the game is *always* finished. So ends the reign of logic. It is an ______________ indescribable world. And it isn't just one world, its anything you can think it up to be, and all at the same time.

I didn't make it this way, I found myself here. Awakening on the sandy beach of time, which pretty pebble shall I pick up.

Bruce DePalma

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